Our Story

Our Story

During a career that spanned more than 50 years, Charles Leonhardt innovated and designed technology solutions which utilized ultrasonic energy. Those projects included work in aviation, spacecraft controls and medical devices. He worked with various liquids during his career which were carefully evaluated after exposure to ultrasonic energy.

After a successful career he retired and began making wines for his own pleasure and consumption. He was urged to consider how ultrasonic energy could play a role in making wine taste better.

After years of research and much experimentation he found a new and successful application of ultrasonic energy. He filed for and was granted patents for the process that now forms the cornerstone of our technology platform.

When Mike met Charlie they immediately forged a vision for how Charlie’s technology and Mike’s consumer product and beverage marketing experience could bring an entirely new technology to all the people who enjoy wine. They set out to create that vision based on their shared passion.

Dionysus Technology Concepts Inc, (DTC)was  formed and has licensed the exclusive use of the patents for all consumer appliance applications, and is now on the eve of launching our Sonic Decanter® to the public!

DTC has organized a team of technology, marketing, wine  and beverage professionals, skilled in all essential areas to assist in the process of bringing the most exciting innovation to the wine industry in centuries.

The first prototype was created using a 3D printer.  This 99% accurate print was then used to integrate the components for the Sonic Decanter®.  Further component integration and testing was performed to ensure the effectiveness of the Sonic Decanter® design.

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Why the Sonic Decanter Works

During the traditional time-intensive aging process of wine, reactions of various molecules occur in the wine.  Molecules change due to the interaction between each other.  In wine aging only low level reactions occur during the natural process.

However with application of ultrasound energy the molecules tend to interact, attach, and change their molecular properties.

Ultrasound is a well understood method, which is already widely used in the food industry due to its mild application but significant effects on the product.  When used on wine the Sonic Decanter® promotes further extraction of flavors, aromas and mouth feel from interactions among phenolics and anthocyanins which results in smoother more integrated mouth feel and a smooth, flavorful lingering finish.

When using the Sonic Decanter®, wine becomes a more homogeneous liquid with improved sensory characteristics and an improved open bottle “shelf life” in a very short time of treatment. Using the Sonic Decanter® allows for a more energetic reaction between the molecules and thus a more complete molecular change. In addition the natural gases including oxygen and sulfur dioxide (SO2) are expelled from the bottle, pH is reduced and other components are modified.

This results in an improvement in taste, aroma, mouth feel and an overall enjoyment in the wine drinking experience.